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Fast, reliable full-text search, managed for you by experts.
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What is Bonsai?

Your customers expect fast, near-magical results from your search. Help them find what they’re looking for with Bonsai Elasticsearch. Our fully managed Elasticsearch solution makes it easy to create, manage, and test your app's search.
Bonsai is a tool in the Search as a Service category of a tech stack.

Who uses Bonsai?

6 companies reportedly use Bonsai in their tech stacks, including Growstuff, PodQueue, and Listium.

20 developers on StackShare have stated that they use Bonsai.

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Pros of Bonsai
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Bonsai's Features

  • The Open Source Advantage- Our service is proudly powered by Elasticsearch and Apache Lucene, the open source industry standard for fast full-text search
  • Results in Real-Time- Search your site's activity as it happens, with Elasticsearch's cutting-edge real-time updates
  • High Availability by default
  • Security by default, including TTS/SSL and Advanced Authentication Controls
  • One-Click Kibana
  • By-the-Minute Metrics
  • Third-party integrations like Datadog
  • Supported by experts with thousands of hours of hands-on experience with Elasticsearch

Bonsai Alternatives & Comparisons

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