Run Android APKs in Chrome OS OR Chrome in OS X, Linux and Windows.

What is chromeos-apk?

Run Android APKs on Chrome OS, OS X, Linux and Windows.

chromeos-apk is a tool in the Desktop Browser Mobile App Emulators category of a tech stack.

chromeos-apk is an open source tool with 6.7K Github Stars and 801 Github Forks. Here’s a link to chromeos-apk's open source repository on Github

Why people like chromeos-apk

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chromeos-apk's Features

  • Supports OS X, Linux and Windows
  • The following apps work: Flipboard, Flixster, Twitter
  • You can run up to 4 Android applications right now with the regular runtime

chromeos-apk's alternatives

  • Anbox - Android in a Box
  • - Run iOS apps in any web browser

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