Instantly deploy from Github, Bitbucket, or Gitlab without complex scripts, commands or configs.
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DeployBot makes it simple to deploy your work anywhere. You can compile or process your code in a Docker container on our infrastructure, and we'll copy it to your servers once everything has been successfully built.

DeployBot's Features
  • Manually deploy with a click in the app, automatically deploy on each push, or use deploy tags in a commit [deploy:production].
  • DeployBot gathers new and changed files from your repositories since the last deployment. You can even preview the changes first.
  • Files are uploaded, SSH commands are executed and deployment hooks are triggered. Everything is logged for you.
  • Your entire team can view release notes and optionally receive an email notification with details about the deployment status.
  • Environments overview
  • Deployments timeline
  • Deployment details: tickets, revisions & files

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