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A single process to commit code, review with the team, and deploy the final result to your customers.

Beanstalk's Features
  • Setup and manage repositories- Import or create Subversion and Git repositories that are instantly available to your team.
  • Invite team members, partners & clients- Restrict access to certain repos and provide read-only or full read/write permissions.
  • Browse files and changes- Every version of every file you’ve committed to Beanstalk is just a click away. See a timeline of who made changes and view the differences between revisions. Syntax highlighting for over 70 languages.
  • Preview, Compare & Share- Instantly preview HTML and image files in Beanstalk, compare versions side by side, and share them with your team, colleagues or clients, even if they don’t have a Beanstalk account.
  • Code Editing- Make and commit changes directly in the web interface of Beanstalk.
  • Blame Tool- View the line-by-line history of every file using Beanstalk's blame tool. Quickly see who was responsible for each line of code and which revision it belonged to.
  • Instantly deploy static assets from Beanstalk to your development, staging and production servers via Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud Files, Heroku, DreamObjects

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