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FlyData for Amazon Redshift allows you to transfer your data easily and securely to Amazon Redshift. Getting your data onto Amazon Redshift and keeping it up-to-date can be a real hassle. With FlyData for Amazon Redshift, you can automatically upload and migrate your data to Amazon Redshift, after only a few simple steps.

FlyData's Features
  • We support four data formats for uploading data to Amazon Redshift: JSON, CSV, TSV, and APACHE logs
  • FlyData sends your data to Amazon Redshift every 5 minutes. This process is automated, so once the setup is complete, your data on Amazon Redshift will be up-to-date.
  • FlyData for Heroku will backup all of your logs onto your Amazon S3 bucket, just by adding the FlyData add-on to your application and setting configurations to your S3 bucket.

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