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Get a closer look at all your business data at the same time so you can gain actionable insight into sales, marketing, customer engagement and more.

GoodData's Features
  • Track all of your important business data in one place at the same time. Graphs and charts analyze changes in revenue, performance, website traffic, customer activity and more, and match these against your business goals.
  • Automatically segment your audiences, products, customer feedback and other important categories related to your business.
  • Set indicators to monitor the status of your business goals throughout the quarter. Goal indicators alert you when you’re on target, off pace and when something needs more attention to keep you on track, minimizing potential risks and surprises.
  • Easily understand correlations between key business metrics: Does more effort and cost drive higher value deals? Which marketing lead sources have the highest ROI and conversion?
  • Measure activity at every stage of the sales funnel to identify which actions were taken, when they were taken and how many people took those actions. Compare these changes against previous weeks and set goals to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign over a specific period of time.
  • Display multiple sets of related data for easy comparison. Using this information, you can identify differentiators and opportunities, and eliminate variables in your decision-making process.