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We have been using Docker Hub free plan for some time, which had automated builds feature included in the free plan. Recently it has been removed from the free plan. Therefore we have thought to either go ahead with a paid plan of Docker Hub, which includes automated builds feature or migrate to use Amazon ECR as the container registry management solution. Since we already use some AWS services, going ahead with Amazon ECR is a viable solution. I am a bit confused as to what would be the best choice going ahead. Please advice...!

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In the end, you want to save the images at a low cost. Go for AWS ECR as you're using other amazon services. It will help you to automate few tasks if required. Better use both in combination. Use Docker Hub for public repos and ECR for private.

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Hasala Surasinghe
Hasala Surasinghe
August 26th 2021 at 5:28AM

Thanks for the reply. Yeah we will evaluate AWS ECR as a solution going forward...!

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