Funnel all logs, metrics and machine events into a single hub
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Get a clear overview of what is happening across your distributed environments, and spot the needle in the haystack in no time. Build dynamic analyses and identify improvements for your software, your user experience and your business.

Logmatic's Features
  • Easy Set Up: Just send us any type of logs - front to back - machine events, or metrics and we will do the powerful processing. No agent
  • Enrichment & Parsing: Automatic recognition, Customisable grok parsers, Integrated IP geolocation and user-agent parsing
  • Investigation: Faceted and full-text granular searches, Real-time search results
  • Monitoring: Real-time, customizable log analyses, Clickable dashboards, powerful data vizualization
  • Alerting: via email, Slack, pagerduty, hipchat, webhook. Create highly flexible alerts based on your logs analyses with search queries or metrics, and user-defined thresholds

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