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The Mashape API Marketplace helps developers discover APIs for their apps. The Mashape Billing Addon Tool allows API providers to add a payment layer to their API in seconds.

Mashape's Features
  • One Credential- We provide you with a credential to access all the APIs consumed in your applications
  • Connect with Developers- Our marketplace features a built-in messaging and robust trouble-ticketing system to facilitate communication
  • Try Before you Code- Our integrated API documentation and test console let's you experience an API without commitment.
  • Track APIs usage- A picture paints a thousand words. Therefore, we provide in-depth analytics, reports, errors, and subscription usage of your multiple APIs in one place.
  • Multiple Client Libraries- Pick a favorite programming language, drop the library into your project, and you're set.
  • Instant Distribution- Once you’ve published your public API it becomes available to thousands of active developers.
  • Fast API Doc Editor- Easily create or edit your private or public documentation
  • Community Generated Issues- Create, comment, and follow an API issue to report bugs or malfunctions
  • Easily Monetize APIs- Offer public or private billing options
  • API Status and Notification- Easily view the status of an API, including its average latency and uptime percentage
  • Administrative Analytics- We’ll show you the number of API calls, the adoption rate of developers utilizing your API, and the amount of errors.

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