Manage and monitor servers across clouds with any web device. integrates with
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Create, reboot or destroy virtual machines. View their metadata, tag and search them. Assign keys and send SSH commands through the web. Enable monitoring, alerting & automation. You'll know right away if anything goes wrong. You'll be able to address issues from anywhere, using your phone or tablet.'s Features
  • Supports AWS, Rackspace, OpenStack, and Linode
  • Friendly- Adapts to each device to provide the best possible user experience. Enables you to connect from anywhere, anytime.
  • Secure- All traffic uses high grade encryption. Every line of code is regularly audited to ensure the safety of your data.
  • Open- Both the core service and the monitoring agent are Free Software. Get the source and stay in control!
  • Interoperable- Unifies popular public and private cloud computing providers, to help you make the most out of each one.
  • Alert- Detects issues in real time and notifies you by email or SMS. Highly configurable with sensible defaults.
  • Obedient- Listens to your commands through the web and forwards them over SSH, to one or more virtual machines.

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