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What is OpenStack?

OpenStack is a cloud operating system that controls large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources throughout a datacenter, all managed through a dashboard that gives administrators control while empowering their users to provision resources through a web interface.
OpenStack is a tool in the Open Source Cloud category of a tech stack.

Who uses OpenStack?

91 companies reportedly use OpenStack in their tech stacks, including PayPal, Hubspot, and Wikipedia.

304 developers on StackShare have stated that they use OpenStack.

OpenStack Integrations

Ansible, Terraform, Rancher, Fastly, and Packer are some of the popular tools that integrate with OpenStack. Here's a list of all 24 tools that integrate with OpenStack.

Why developers like OpenStack?

Here’s a list of reasons why companies and developers use OpenStack
OpenStack Reviews

Here are some stack decisions, common use cases and reviews by companies and developers who chose OpenStack in their tech stack.


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OpenStack's Features

  • Compute
  • Storage
  • Networking
  • Dashboard
  • Shared Services

OpenStack Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to OpenStack?
OpenShift is Red Hat's Cloud Computing Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering. OpenShift is an application platform in the cloud where application developers and teams can build, test, deploy, and run their applications.
Cloud Foundry
Cloud Foundry is an open platform as a service (PaaS) that provides a choice of clouds, developer frameworks, and application services. Cloud Foundry makes it faster and easier to build, test, deploy, and scale applications.
Kubernetes is an open source orchestration system for Docker containers. It handles scheduling onto nodes in a compute cluster and actively manages workloads to ensure that their state matches the users declared intentions.
The Docker Platform is the industry-leading container platform for continuous, high-velocity innovation, enabling organizations to seamlessly build and share any application β€” from legacy to what comes next β€” and securely run them anywhere
Apache CloudStack
It is open source software designed to deploy and manage large networks of virtual machines, as a highly available, highly scalable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing platform.
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