SMS, MMS, Transcoding and User Lookup API

What is Outspoken?

Transact via video, image, audio text messages

Outspoken is a tool in the Voice and SMS category of a tech stack.

Why people like Outspoken

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Outspoken's Features

  • Create and edit mobile subscriber lists
  • Automatic opt-in of new users by keyword text-in or web opt-in
  • Send and receive MMS images, SMS, or SMS with links
  • MMS API can send high quality video, images, flip books, and audio with thousands of text characters
  • SMS/MMS messages are 1 cent per send/receive
  • Hosting and Content Serving
  • In-app messaging enables multimedia content to be delivered to mobile devices and other IP connected applications.
  • User Lookup API provides instant data about your mobile customers, allowing you to customize your outreach them with highly targeted, relevant messaging and content. Get the following data: Carrier, Handset make / model, Operating System, Screen resolution, Area code and geographic region (inferred from the area code), How long that MSISDN has been known to the Mogreet platform, If the MSISDN is a land line or on an unsupported carrier

Outspoken's alternatives

  • Twilio - Twilio brings voice and messaging to your web and mobile applications.
  • Nexmo - API for SMS, Voice and Phone Verification
  • Plivo - API platform to build Voice & SMS Applications
  • MessageBird - Making business communications feel as natural as communicating with friends.
  • Tropo - Add Voice and SMS to Your Applications

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