Headless Chrome Node API

What is Puppeteer?

Puppeteer is a Node library which provides a high-level API to control headless Chrome over the DevTools Protocol. It can also be configured to use full (non-headless) Chrome.

Puppeteer is a tool in the Headless Browsers category of a tech stack.

Puppeteer is an open source tool with 48.4K Github Stars and 4.31K Github Forks. Here’s a link to Puppeteer's open source repository on Github

Who Uses Puppeteer?

19 companies use Puppeteer including Huddle, Better, and OrangeSys.

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Why people like Puppeteer

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Puppeteer's alternatives

  • PhantomJS - Scriptable Headless WebKit
  • CasperJS - Navigation scripting & testing for PhantomJS and SlimerJS
  • Chromeless - 🖥 Chrome automation made simple. Runs locally or headless on AWS Lambda.
  • Serverless Chrome - Headless Chrome on AWS Lambda

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