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I would go with Kotlin. It is pretty hyped currently.

You can use Kotlin for a lot of application types. To name some:

  • Kotlin Multiplatform with Gradle
  • Ktor (https://ktor.io)
  • Spring Boot
  • Kotlin JS (as you already know Javascript, you might like this one)

The code is also really concise, readable and modern. It also provides many features that you will find in many other programming languages.

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I honestly think it is not that easy to pick one of those front-end frameworks. This because you basically can do the same with all three - it is more about what you prefer. You should also maybe pick a language where you are feeling comfortable while using it.

But as every project in this world - you will never find the universal tool for every purpose - that is also the reason why there are so many tools out there. It is always a decision depending on the project requirements.

My advice would be to try out all three. Also check this amazing video by John Papa it might help you to pick one out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHptnyroFNA.

Non the less - here is my opinion about three frontend Frameworks.

Vue.js - Easy to get started and is kinda hyped right now but tends to get a bit messy in bigger projects because of its flexibility (that is my opinion at least).

React - Feels a bit like Vue... Maybe you should read this article to get a bit more details. https://vuejs.org/v2/guide/comparison.html

Angular - I think it is pretty nice because it is safe thanks to TypeScript. Google also kinda enforces how you should work with the Framework and how they want you to perform the DI (dependency injection) etc. Fits in my opinion great for bigger projects.

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