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Vice President Technology at WebMD
Vice President Technology at WebMD·

On the consumer portal we have been using .Net for the last 15 years and the team still finds C# and Visual Studio as one of the most powerful and user friendly IDE for developing. When we decided to containerize and use Kubernetes which we run on linux we decided that using .Net core allowed us to retain the software development toolset that the team feels comfortable with while still being to leverage the new stack.

The initial projects took little bit of effort to move over mainly because of third party dependencies, subsequent development has become much more smoother.

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Vice President Technology at WebMD·

We did a comparison between React, Vue and Angular and while found each capable of supporting our needs, we ended up using VueJS because of its ease of use, the ability to use templates, large and growing community and good documentation. After developing on it for a around 4 months we re-evaluated and agreed that we had made the right choice and continue to migrate our products/platform to it.

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