A distributed, decentralized data storage system

What is Riak?

Riak is a distributed database designed to deliver maximum data availability by distributing data across multiple servers. As long as your client can reach one Riak server, it should be able to write data. In most failure scenarios, the data you want to read should be available, although it may not be the most up-to-date version of that data.

Riak is a tool in the Databases category of a tech stack.

Riak is an open source tool with 3.2K Github Stars and 523 Github Forks. Here’s a link to Riak's open source repository on Github

Who Uses Riak?

15 companies use Riak including SendGrid, Sentry, and OpenX.

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Why people like Riak

Here’s a list of reasons why companies and developers use Riak.

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Riak's alternatives

  • Cassandra - Cassandra is a partitioned row store. Rows are organized into tables with a required primary key.
  • Aerospike - Flash-optimized in-memory open source NoSQL database
  • Couchbase - Document-Oriented NoSQL Database
  • Redis - An in-memory database that persists on disk
  • MongoDB - The database for giant ideas

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