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At we use Node.js for our backend Microservices and Angular 2 for the frontend. We also use React for a couple of our internal applications. Writing services in Node.js in TypeScript improved developer productivity and we could capture bugs way before they can occur in the production. The use of Angular 2 in our production environment reduced the time to release any new features. At the same time, we are also exploring React by using it in our internal tools. So far we enjoyed what React has to offer. We are an enterprise SAAS product and also offer an on-premise or hybrid cloud version of #kloudio. We heavily use Docker for shipping our on-premise version. We also use Docker internally for automated testing. Using Docker reduced the install time errors in customer environments. Our cloud version is deployed in #AWS. We use AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeDeploy for our CI/CD. We also use AWS Lambda for automation jobs.

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Founder/CTO at Kloudio