Scalr is cloud management software for public & private infrastructure
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Scalr is not an infrastructure provider or reseller. The infrastructure you deploy on is yours: you give us the keys to your infrastructure cloud so we can make the API calls to the provider on your behalf and so we can also rev up or power down servers for you. When traffic piles up, Scalr detects the increased load, commissions new servers for you from the cloud, and then spreads the load. When using Scalr ConfigTemplates, you can easily make configuration changes for services such as MySQL and Apache. Scalr does the heavy work, pushing those changes out to your servers.

Scalr's Features
  • MySQL replication
  • Scalable app servers
  • Scalable database
  • Scaling algorithms
  • MySQL Engine
  • API control
  • Configured web stack
  • Pre-configured images
  • Scheduler
  • Scripting interface
  • Security
  • DNS management
  • Image snapshotting
  • Load visualization
  • Logical grouping
  • PHPMyAdmin
  • Scalr Remote
  • SSH and management
  • Backups
  • Fault tolerance
  • Fault-tolerant database
  • Multi-cloud deployment