Manage all of your cloud infrastructure with a single, integrated solution.
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Automation is the core of RightScale, freeing you to run efficient, scalable, and highly-available applications. Our multi-cloud integration enables you to choose your own clouds, providing freedom to work with any vendor in a rapidly changing market. And rest assured knowing that you have visibility and control over all of your resources in one place. To take advantage of best practices, we encourage you to tap into cloud expertise provided by our service, support, and partner networks when building and managing your infrastructure.

RightScale's Features
  • Supports: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Datapipe, Google Cloud Platform, HP Cloud, IDCF — Yahoo! Japan, Rackspace, SoftLayer, Windows Azure, CloudStack, OpenStack
  • Access, manage, and configure all of your resources — compute, networking, and storage — across all of your clouds.
  • See and manipulate all of your cloud servers in one place.
  • Configure your networking resources such as IP addresses, content delivery networks, firewalls, and virtual private networks. Manage block storage volumes and object stores to enable web serving, content delivery, persistent data storage, and backups.
  • Persistence in a non-persistent cloud
  • Tag and SSH into servers
  • Logically group servers together
  • Easily view complex environments
  • Cloud resources: Provision, configure, edit, and decommission.
  • Monitoring: Track and graph custom metrics in the dashboard or export to your own systems.
  • Auditing: Track and export audit logs.
  • Provisioning: Manage accounts, users, and permissions.
  • Build upon MultiCloud Images
  • Configure dynamically
  • Tune with input variables
  • Inherit preferences or set at launch
  • Store in your configuration library
  • Track and control versions
  • Find differences between configurations
  • Integrate with revision control systems
  • RightScale MultiCloud Marketplace offers pre-built cloud ServerTemplates, scripts, and architectures published by RightScale, our partners, and our users.
  • Keep tabs on your environment’s health with more than 80 built-in server, volume, database, and application monitors.
  • Create custom views on the Dashboard with QuickMonitoring and Widgets.
  • Manage an entire operations team with user authentication and permission controls. Assign roles by user and account to control administrative, billing, monitoring, publishing, and operational tasks.