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Cloudability aggregates expenditures into accessible and comprehensive reports, helps identify new opportunities for reducing spend and increasing cloud efficiency, offers budget alerts and recommendations via SMS and email, provides APIs for connecting cloud billing and usage data to any business or financial system, and more.

Cloudability's Features
  • Track the KPIs that matter most to you- Create completely customizable cost and usage reports that focus on your business's most critical cloud metrics.
  • See trends in your cloud before they happen- Eliminate surprises in your cloud usage and spending with daily email updates, cost predictions, alerts and custom usage/spending reports.
  • Target your problem instance(s)- See which of your instances are costing the most, find unused resources, track your footprint by region, and much more.
  • Segment your cost & usage by AWS tags- Group your AWS tags and view your usage and spending reports by account, department, application or anything else that matters to your business.
  • See if you're breaking even on Reserved Instances- Get a simple view of all your Reserved Instances and see at a glance whether or not you're saving money vs. on-demand pricing.
  • Access all your cloud analytics by API- Pull all your cloud usage and spending data into any IT or finance analytics package.
  • Track costs for multiple IaaS, PaaS & SaaS Vendors- With multiple cloud vendors across IaaS, PaaS and SaaS you can track your company’s entire cloud budget, from Amazon to Zencoder.