Turn your spreadsheets into APIs effortlessly
Why people like Sheetlabs
Add a one-liner

Drag & drop your data, name your API and choose what data people can see - that's it. Documentation is created automatically.

Sheetlabs's Features
  • Import spreadsheets from CSV, XLS and XLSX formats. You can even Zip or Gzip your spreadsheets first. Replace or update spreadsheet data whenever you like
  • Create APIs from your data: define what queries can be made over the data, limit what data is returned and how much
  • Interact with the APIs in a variety of formats: JSON, XML, JSONP, YAML and PHP serialised arrays
  • Automatically generate detailed documentation and access bespoke code samples for your API, in common programming languages such as Java, C#, PHP and Javascript
  • Publish your APIs to whoever you like: a specific list of individuals, your entire organisation, or the entire planet
  • Create consumer accounts for people you want to access your APIs, or they can do it themselves and you simply approve/reject them
  • Analyse which APIs are used most frequently, what data is being requested, and who is doing the asking