A new approach to website development - speed, scaling and style. Contracts for software development.

  • Creating online data visualizations to illustrate your potential or interact in new ways with your users. Including transistions, animations and graphs.

  • Building responsive front-end User Interfaces, forms, menus, buttons, dropdowns, etc in a predictable uniform way is the key to users understanding what you want them to do on your web based application.

  • A solid Linux operating system.

  • Most used web development language, we use the latest version 7 which is about twice as fast as previous versions.

  • Fast scalable webservers.

  • Keeping a record of every version in the development cycle and updating live servers.

  • Wordpress is both a platform for launching websites and for self-maintenance of content.

  • Stay in touch and record comments, chat about progress and record information that comes to light in the development and support of your project.

  • Online management, planning and tracking progress of your project.

  • Continuous integration with built-in testing so every release is safe and any errors are picked up immediately.

  • Building development environments that closely match real world web environments, enabling more rapid and accurate testing and development.

  • Compact web applications, more secure and faster processing, building sophisticated multifaceted applications with multiple servers working together.

  • MVC Framework for building sophisticated applications around a database with many time saving features.

  • Salesforce Exact Target provide powerful mailing list tools for marketing. We provide web hooks to save your mailing list, update it with data extensions and server based AMPscript programming.

  • Stripe provides fully secure integrated payment solutions to sell stuff from your website without security risks.