Target your website's visitors automatically, tripling your signups and sales.

What is Spinnakr?

Was your new product mentioned in a top industry blog? Make sure those visitors sign up by automatically offering them a discount that only they can see.

Spinnakr is a tool in the Targeted Messaging Analytics category of a tech stack.

Who Uses Spinnakr?

5 companies use Spinnakr including The 500 Startups Stack, Lookout, and TeamSnap.

Why people like Spinnakr

Here’s a list of reasons why companies and developers use Spinnakr.

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Spinnakr's Features

  • Attach our code snippet to your website, and then forget about it. We analyze your traffic and recommend targeted messaging.
  • Next time a review on a Spanish site sends traffic your way, welcome them with the information they're looking for, en español.
  • Get immediately notified about a surge in traffic from a big news site. Respond directly from your email client or mobile device to become part of the conversation instantly.
  • Deploy Spinnakr in 30 seconds and we start analyzing your traffic.
  • We discover opportunities and trends in your web traffic and alert you when it's important.
  • Based on the opportunity we give you recommendations targeted to a specific usecase.
  • We can instantly deploy messaging to your website targeted at any segment of visitors we identify.
  • Use our beautiful editor to easily drop in messaging to your website to capture your incoming visitors. You can instantly personalize your website without bothering IT.
  • Activate our recommendations to increase clickthroughs and conversions. We track your progress and report back on how well the messaging works.

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