Enterprise ready private PaaS based on the Cloud Foundry open-source project and Docker.
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Stackato runs on top of your cloud infrastructure, and is the middleware from which your applications are launched. Developers simply upload their application source files to Stackato via IDE or command-line. Stackato automatically configures the required language runtimes, web frameworks, and data and messaging services.

Stackato's Features
  • Web console
  • Activity timeline
  • Multi-tenancy
  • App store
  • LDAP support
  • Oracle support
  • Amazon RDS integration
  • Self-service for developers
  • Uses buildpack
  • One-click SSO for deploys apps
  • Log streaming
  • Availability zones and placement zones support
  • Auto-scaling of app instances
  • Auto-scaling at infrastructure layer
  • Runs on vSphere, OpenStack, CloudStack, AWS, Rackspace, KVM, Virtualbox, VMware Fusion

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