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What is

You write your HTML5 code using the Forge JavaScript API which gives you access to native features such as the camera and contacts API.

What is Apache Cordova?

Apache Cordova is a set of device APIs that allow a mobile app developer to access native device function such as the camera or accelerometer from JavaScript. Combined with a UI framework such as jQuery Mobile or Dojo Mobile or Sencha Touch, this allows a smartphone app to be developed with just HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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Why do developers choose Apache Cordova?
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What are the cons of using Apache Cordova?
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What companies use Apache Cordova?
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What tools integrate with Apache Cordova?
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What are some alternatives to and Apache Cordova?

  • React Native - A framework for building native apps with React
  • Ionic - A beautiful front-end framework for developing hybrid mobile apps in HTML5. Best friends with AngularJS.
  • Xamarin - Create iOS, Android and Mac apps in C#
  • PhoneGap - Easilily create mobile apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

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