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With TestFlight, developers simply upload a build, and the testers can install it directly from their device, over the air.

TestFlight's Features
  • Sessions- Discover how testers are using your application. Watch as they progress and take unexpected turns.
  • Crash Reports- Reported in realtime, with environment snapshots and full session activity.
  • In-App Questions- The most effective way to get tester feedback. Get the answers you need by asking questions the moment a checkpoint is passed.
  • Checkpoints- Place checkpoints throughout your app to see how far testers are getting, confirm which areas are popular and reveal ones that need more testing.
  • Remote Logging- TFLogs are attached to your session and crash reports.
  • In-App Updates- Prompt testers to install the latest version of your app. This is the easiest way for your testers to take advantage of installing on the fly.

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