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CI and build automation tool that combines the power of your own build infrastructure with the convenience of a managed, centralized web UI. Used by Shopify, Basecamp, Digital Ocean, Venmo, Cochlear, Bugsnag and more.

Buildkite's Features
  • Fast and stable builds
  • Open source agent runs on almost any machine and architecture
  • Freedom to use your own internal or pre-release tools and services
  • Powerful distributed build tools
  • Key/value targeting of agents
  • Dynamic job allocation allows adding and removing build machines
  • Shared key/value and binary artifact stores for easily distributing build jobs regardless of machine or network
  • Integration with pull requests, deployments and releases
  • GitHub, Github Enterprise, Bitbucket, Gitlab or your own SCM
  • Slack, Hipchat, Webhooks, and LIFX notifications
  • Extensible per-project with agent hooks, webhooks and the rest API
  • GitHub Enterprise is supported standard
  • SSO

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