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TeamCity is a user-friendly continuous integration (CI) server for professional developers, build engineers, and DevOps. It is trivial to setup and absolutely free for small teams and open source projects.

TeamCity's Features
  • Automate code analyzing, compiling, and testing processes, with having instant feedback on build progress, problems, and test failures, all in a simple, intuitive web-interface
  • Simplified setup: create projects from just a VCS repository URL
  • Run multiple builds and tests under different configurations and platforms simultaneously
  • Make sure your team sustains an uninterrupted workflow with the help of Pretested commits and Personal builds
  • Have build history insight with customizable statistics on build duration, success rate, code quality, and custom metrics
  • Enable cost-effective on-demand build infrastructure scaling thanks to tight integration with Amazon EC2
  • Easily extend TeamCity functionality and add new integrations using Java API
  • Great visual project representation. Track any changes made by any user in the system, filter projects and choose style of visual change status representation

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