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What is PopcornNotify?

Popcorn Notify is designed to be an effortless method for sending emails and text messages from your code. Client libraries are simple to install and are available on pip and npm.

What is ChatEngine?

An open and extensible chat SDK and APIs for building powerful 1:1 and group chat quickly. Build core chat features quickly, extend functionality with a rich plugin library and customize with programmable Functions-as-a-Service. Powered by the PubNub Network.

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Why do developers choose PopcornNotify?
Why do you like PopcornNotify?

Why do developers choose ChatEngine?
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What are the cons of using PopcornNotify?
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Downsides of PopcornNotify?

What are the cons of using ChatEngine?
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Downsides of ChatEngine?


How much does PopcornNotify cost?
How much does ChatEngine cost?
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What companies use PopcornNotify?
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What companies use ChatEngine?
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What tools integrate with ChatEngine?
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What are some alternatives to PopcornNotify and ChatEngine?

  • SendBird - Messaging SDK and Chat API for Mobile Apps and Websites
  • OpenTok - Enhance your products with live, face-to-face communication.
  • Layer - Build messaging, voice and video right into your app in minutes.
  • QuickBlox - Connect your user with mobile group chat, content sharing, user accounts and more

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