Enhance your products with live, face-to-face communication.
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OpenTok adds the clarity and emotion of face-to-face communication to your brand whether you're developing for the web, iOS, or Android. We make the integration of high-quality live video a breeze so that you can focus on building a great product.

OpenTok's Features
  • Layout control- Create layouts that complement your content and empower your application's experience.
  • Peer-to-peer calls- Take advantage of peer-to-peer calling for better quality and lower- latency 1:1 scenarios.
  • Archiving- Download or save calls for future playback with this extension to the OpenTok platform.
  • Multi-party calls- Bring small groups together for business or social gatherings using face-to-face video.
  • Moderation- Tame the wild-west nature of social video with OpenTok's moderation functionality.
  • Broadcast- Create a virtual stage and invite an audience of thousands to join you.

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