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What is Disqus?

Disqus looks to make it very easy and rewarding for people to interact on websites using its system. Commenters can build reputation and carry their contributions from one website to the next.

What is LiveFyre?

Livefyre’s real-time apps get your audience talking and turn your site into the hub for your community. Bloggers, brands and the largest publishers in the world use Livefyre to engage their users and curate live content from around the social web.

What is Talk?

Online comments are broken. Our open-source Talk tool rethinks how moderation, comment display, and conversation function, creating the opportunity for safer, smarter discussions around your work.
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Need advice about which tool to choose?Ask the StackShare community!

Why do developers choose Disqus?
Why do developers choose LiveFyre?
Why do developers choose Talk?
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          What companies use Disqus?
          What companies use LiveFyre?
          What companies use Talk?
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            What tools integrate with Disqus?
            What tools integrate with LiveFyre?
            What tools integrate with Talk?
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              What are some alternatives to Disqus, LiveFyre, and Talk?
              Discourse is a simple, flat forum, where replies flow down the page in a line. Replies are attached to the bottom and top of each post, so you can optionally expand the context of the conversation – without breaking your flow.
              Jetpack wraps webpack to create a smoother developer experience. Jetpack can be used instead of webpack, webpack-cli, webpack-dev-server and webpack-dev-middleware without writing any configuration. Jetpack is a thin wrapper around webpack, and can be extended with any of the webpack configuration.
              With Commento, you wouldn't need to worry about shady ad companies getting your data through hundreds of tracking services. You wouldn't need to worry about your page being slowed down - Commento uses just 22 kB total. And it's all open source.
              Hosted commenting that's painless to embed, a pleasure to use, and a breeze to moderate. No ads. No Tracking. Just Comments.
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              Decisions about Disqus, LiveFyre, and Talk
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              Interest over time
              Reviews of Disqus, LiveFyre, and Talk
              Review ofDisqusDisqus

              Have been using Disqus for a long time now, and have always been satisfied. Occasionally it's been a little slow to load, but I think it's gotten better over time. The UI has improved over time, too. Very easy to integrate into my Ghost blog, and complements it well in terms of styling. Very happy with it.

              How developers use Disqus, LiveFyre, and Talk
              Avatar of datapile
              datapile uses DisqusDisqus

              Disqus is a wonderful (and free) API/software platform to integrate for comments when you don't want to limit yourself to Facebook and have no interest in reinventing something done so well.

              It is a solid, A-1 piece of software.

              Avatar of Samuel Harrold
              Samuel Harrold uses DisqusDisqus

              Blog comment hosting service used through Python static site-builder Pelican with theme pelican-bootstrap3.

              Avatar of Kent Steiner
              Kent Steiner uses DisqusDisqus

              Disqus is a nice well-known and easy to use commenting engine, plays well with most any web-facing integration.

              Avatar of Steve Paulo
              Steve Paulo uses DisqusDisqus

              A blog without a database generally needs an offsite commenting system. Disqus is mine.

              Avatar of Giant Swarm
              Giant Swarm uses DisqusDisqus

              Disqus is our comment service of choice for our blog

              How much does Disqus cost?
              How much does LiveFyre cost?
              How much does Talk cost?
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