Litmus vs. Email on Acid vs. Mailinator

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What is Litmus?

Litmus is a testing service for web and marketing professionals. It allows people to cross-browser test their websites, and test their email newsletters across a range of email clients and spam filters.

What is Email on Acid?

Email on Acid is the most affordable, self-serve email testing platform in the world. We can help you maximize the success of your email marketing efforts by diagnosing and improving your renderability, deliverability, click-throughs and conversions.

What is Mailinator?

Mailinator is a disposable email service that allows QA departments to test with 1000's of inboxes.
Why do developers choose Litmus?
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Why do developers choose Email on Acid?
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Why do developers choose Mailinator?
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What are the cons of using Litmus?
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Downsides of Litmus?

What are the cons of using Email on Acid?
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What are the cons of using Mailinator?
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How much does Litmus cost?
Litmus Pricing
How much does Email on Acid cost?
Email on Acid Pricing
How much does Mailinator cost?
What companies use Litmus?
33 companies on StackShare use Litmus
What companies use Email on Acid?
10 companies on StackShare use Email on Acid
What companies use Mailinator?
2 companies on StackShare use Mailinator
What tools integrate with Litmus?
2 tools on StackShare integrate with Litmus
No integrations listed yet
No integrations listed yet

What are some alternatives to Litmus, Email on Acid, and Mailinator?

  • MailChimp - Easy email newsletters
  • 250ok - Verify, measure, and improve the performance of your email campaigns
  • Mailtrap - Send emails from your development and staging environments without spamming real customers.
  • Premailer - Pre-flight for HTML email

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