Tasting notes and wine reviews, posted without regard for timeliness or punctuation

  • The site's UI is Bootstrap 3 with extra theming on top.

  • nginx is the web server running on the host.

  • The main engine of the site is a fork of Toto, a Ruby gem.

  • S3 hosts all the static files that route through CloudFront.

  • The site is hosted on an EC2 instance.

  • Markdown is how I format all my posts. Uses the "smart" and "footnotes" options.

  • I use GA for more in-depth analysis than Gaug.es offers.

  • All images, CSS, and JS route through CloudFront edge servers.

  • A blog without a database generally needs an offsite commenting system. Disqus is mine.

  • Using Git for deployment and version control.

  • I'm trying to wring more instrumentation out of New Relic as it pertains to Rack, but for the time being, New Relic is monitoring/alerting uptime and some basic performance metrics.

  • Atom is my main IDE/text editor.

  • I like Gaug.es for keeping a quick eye on traffic and top content.