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Decision at Dev As Pros about Trello, Slack, Keen, Bootstrap, Create React App, React, Google Maps

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Tech Lead at Dev As Pros

For Etom, a side project. We wanted to test an idea for a future and bigger project.

What Etom does is searching places. Right now, it leverages the Google Maps API. For that, we found a React component that makes this integration easy because using Google Maps API is not possible via normal API requests.

You kind of need a map to work as a proxy between the software and Google Maps API.

We hate configuration(coming from Rails world) so also decided to use Create React App because setting up a React app, with all the toys, it's a hard job.

Thanks to all the people behind Create React App it's easier to start any React application.

We also chose a module called Reactstrap which is Bootstrap UI in React components.

An important thing in this side project(and in the bigger project plan) is to measure visitor through out the app. For that we researched and found that Keen was a good choice(very good free tier limits) and also it is very simple to setup and real simple to send data to

Slack and Trello are our defaults tools to comunicate ideas and discuss topics, so, no brainer using them as well for this project.

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Decision at Fresha Engineering about Braintree, Twilio, Mandrill, Google Maps

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CTO at Shedul/Fresha

We make sure to implement only the functionalities that are specific to our business domain (Beauty & Wellness) & use other services for functionalities we find generic or secondary (they do not make us stand out). We've picked the most stable & popular ones we could find for such purposes: Google Maps (for salon location maps), Mandrill (sending mail notifications), Twilio (sending SMS notifications) or Braintree (for payments).

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Decision about Google Maps, OpenStreetMap

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I use OpenStreetMap because that has a strong community. It takes some time to catch up with Google Maps, but OpenStreetMap will become great solution.

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Decision about Google Maps

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Chief Technology Officer at TOMIS

Google Maps is best because it is practically free (they give you $300 in free credits per month and it's really hard to go over the free tier unless you really mean business) and it's the best!

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Decision about Google Maps

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1) it's very easy to use. 2) shows satellite image, Google earth and many other features like traffic, terrain, etc. 3) Is very useful for driving etc. Google Maps

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Decision at Youpooly Corp. about Google Maps

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Chief Digital Officer at Youpooly Corp.

We need to integrate maps in mobile Apps and Web frontend to show where an event is taking place. Maps is best because of it's international availability and the google api with a feature to recursive search. Google Maps

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Decision about Google Maps

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CTO at Yatis Telematics

Maps APIs for addresses, making image summaries of trips, view vehicles on a various front-ends. Google Maps

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Decision about Google Maps

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Everyone needs a map now and again, and this is a good service for it. Google Maps

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Decision about Google Maps

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I use Google Map API to display data on the map, and use its directional service for find a path. Google Maps

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Decision about Google Maps

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Technical Lead at Kopa Global Technologies
  • Its used for restaurant Geo location and find the nearest restaurant listing.

  • Find the customer location and delivery agent location tracking.

  • Calculate the distance between restaurant and customer location. Google Maps

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