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Decision at Samosprava about Gradle, Apache Maven

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We use Apache Maven because it is a standard. Gradle is very good alternative, but Gradle doesn't provide any advantage for our project. Gradle is slower (without running daemon), need more resources and a learning curve is quite big. Our project can not use a great flexibility of Gradle. On the other hand, Maven is well-know tool integrated in many IDEs, Dockers and so on.

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Decision at PRIZ Guru about Gradle, Groovy, Scala, Play, Grails

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Some may wonder why did we choose Grails ? Really good question :) We spent quite some time to evaluate what framework to go with and the battle was between Play Scala and Grails ( Groovy ). We have enough experience with both and, to be honest, I absolutely in love with Scala; however, the tipping point for us was the potential speed of development. Grails allows much faster development pace than Play , and as of right now this is the most important parameter. We might convert later though. Also, worth mentioning, by default Grails comes with Gradle as a build tool, so why change?

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Decision about Groovy, Gradle, SQLite

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This app uses SQLite to store internal data and is superfast, especially good to use with Android JetPack framework like Room. Gradle is good for managing the dependencies and Groovy script enables some advanced configuration.

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Decision at Cirrus Labs about Gradle

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All 20+ micro-services that power Cirrus CI are living in a single mono repository. Gradle is using for testing and building Docker containers for all services. Gradle

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Decision at Refractal about Gradle

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Gradle is used generally as our Android build tool, simplifying dependencies and general build process dramatically. Gradle

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Decision about Gradle

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maven 과 함께 자바의 유명한 빌드 툴중 하나인데 솔직히 그냥 테스크 러너라는 생각이 든다. ssh 플러그인을 쓰면 간단한 배포는 쉽게 자동화 할 수 있다. ssh 플러그인의 경우 서버 시작 종료 쉘이 잘 안되는 경우가 있는 것 같다. Gradle

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Decision about Gradle

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Właściciel at CWSFE ·

Build application. I miss profiles from maven. They are much better integrated with IDE's. Gradle

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Decision about Gradle

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Accelerate developer productivity. Gradle helps teams build, automate and deliver better software, faster. Gradle

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Decision about Gradle

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The main build tool. Integrate and delegate build to NodeJS in the client application, and build the server, its used for development productivity and production optimisations and quality. Automate all machine scripts and build things from dev to continuous integration to production Gradle

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