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Decision at TrackJS about Mailgun, Mandrill

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President at TrackJS ·

We've moved our transactional email away from Mandrill to Mailgun. We had continued using Mandrill after Mailchimp deprecated the service awhile back, because the amount of credits we were offered essentially made it free.

However, following a couple weeks of frequent downtime and poor service transparency from Mandrill, we decided it was time to make the switch. It appears they no longer had any engineers with the ability to identify the core problems.

Mailgun has been more reliable, yet not as reliable as we expected. We still see issues a few times per week with the API failing when we attempt to make a call. The Reporting UI is way better.

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Decision at Scrayos UG (haftungsbeschränkt) about Mailgun

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CEO at Scrayos UG (haftungsbeschränkt) ·

After tinkering around with our own mail-server setup involving Dovecot, Postfix and SpamAssasin, we finally decided to use Mailgun because of the terrible state the current mail infrastructure is in. Even though we implemented all common security techniques (TLSA, CAA, DANE, DKIM, DMARC, SPF, TLS), our mails still arrived in spam folder of some mail service-providers.

We decided to give Mailgun a chance because of the 10k free mails each months, that are sufficient for us and the implementation as a relay was very easy and our users didn't need to do any migration.

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Decision at osu! Ripple about Mailgun

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Mails from the website frontend are sent through Mailgun, mainly because of the free plan of 10,000 emails which perfectly suits us. Mailgun

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Decision about Mailgun

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Node.js Trainer at YaakovNet ·

All my personal e-mail (inbound and outbound, personal, transactional and mailing lists) goes through mailgun.

This gives me full control, especially about e-mail addresses: I assign different inbound e-mail addresses for different contacts, so that I can filter SPAM by just blocking the e-mail addresses that leaked out.


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Decision about Mailgun

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I forward all e-mails to Mailgun and appreciate being able to access the objects easily as JSON. Mailgun

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Decision about Mailgun

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Chief Executive Philosopher at ·

Mailgun is the only mailing service that I trust to deliver critical user and system emails of

It works great, and for my current usage volume it’s free. Mailgun

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Decision at AlterEstate about Mailgun

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CEO & Founder at AlterEstate ·

We use Mailgun because it's extremely easy to integrate. The free plan comes with 10k/monthly emails, deliverability of our app it's about 96%.

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Decision at Aeson about Mailgun

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Chief Executive Officer at Shuttlestack Studios, Inc. ·

We use Mailgun because it's our favorite transactional email API. It does the job for exactly what we need.

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Decision about Mailgun

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My transactional email service of choice, for sure. Simple to use and reliable. Mailgun

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Decision about Mailgun

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Serviço para envio de email de modo transacional garantindo o envio e o monitoramento do uso Mailgun

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