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We are a small startup company with Azure SQL Server back end. We have developed a prototype in Microsoft Access of front end which we want to convert to a web app. We would like a corporate website with an app embedded in some fashion. I'm knowledgeable enough (at least I feel like I am) on back end technology stacks, but need some advice on front end. We need this built in something that our technical staff can maintain and make enhancements to. We need to get something built quickly as well, so need to choose something that can be built, tested and deployed quickly. We are thinking of using a freelance contractor for initial build process.

I greatly appreciate any direction and advice that can be provided.

Thank you

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Hi David, You have multiple options. You can use any CMS out there and develop a plugin for your needs, or use one of the No-code platforms which can help you create a beautiful front-end with no single line of code. This is pretty fast in learning, development, and deployment. CMS examples: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, ... No-Code platform examples: - -

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Evgenios Skitsanos
Evgenios Skitsanos
July 20th 2022 at 3:28PM

The fastest I would go with would be React+Umi.js+Ant.Design for the front end and Netlify functions ( for the backend. The whole Netlify bit would provide you CDN with SSL, so already another headache less.

You will need no complex setup for React; because of the Umijs, it is all super simple there. You can stick to v3.x for now, although 4.0.7 is out already but not yet translated to English.

For the UI, you can use Ant.Design ( which is Top#1 when it comes to the number of components provided and simplicity of customizing things.

You can find a bunch of code samples in my repos:

Basically, you need a super simple setup, minimal learning curve, and the shortest time to go live -- that's the stack.

In my case it is always like this: react+umijs+ahooks+antd // netlify+arangodb foxx


I would buy some corporate WordPress template and do all of my content management there for sanity and quickness, it's also good for SEO. As for the web application, I would code that myself from scratch using Node and React. For the back end, an API built with NodeJs and Express would be quick to do. I would secure it with the jsonwebtoken library to avoid touching the database too much. Then for the React client, I would import Ant design components, which has a large collection of customizable components that have a corporate look by default, it also has great docs and it's easy to use. For the hosting, I would get a VPS and a domain. The user enters my domain and the first thing to be seen is my Wordpress site, if the user needs to use the web app, then a subdomain points to it. That way, everything lives in the same place. A VPS with CyberPanel would provide an interface so you can view your files and configure your website's ssl quickly without using the terminal too much.

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