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Decision at Twilio SendGrid about Go, Perl, Docker, ContinuousIntegration, CodeCollaborationVersionControl

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Principal Software Developer at SendGrid ·

In addition to our fancy Docker setup, we have captured and sanitized production logs for the behavior of our legacy Perl MTA, and we can test that the log output from the new Go version behaves the same way as the old version. These tests are set up to allow us to switch between the legacy and new version of the MTA and ensure that both systems behave in a legacy-compatible way. Not only can we ensure that we operate against a variety of issues we've seen over time from inboxes, but we know that the newest version of our MTA continues to cover all the same expected behaviors of the legacy version. #CodeCollaborationVersionControl #ContinuousIntegration

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Decision about ExpressJS, Flask, Sinatra, Node.js, PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, Java, C++, Piwitch, SipWitchQt, Bayonne

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Chief at Cherokees Of Idaho ·

My view of the enterprise software stack I think is different than most. I find that I use C++ and #Qt in many of the roles most used Java and typically in #SipWitchQt and #Bayonne. I also have come to adopt Ruby in those other places where I had used Perl, Python , and PHP in the past, and certainly in preference to Node.js. In particular I am starting to really like Ruby and Sinatra over Python and Flask or Node.js with ExpressJS for writing quick web api and microservices, hence why I am using Sinatra in #PiWitch going forward. I do not pick a language because of popularity, but rather based on whether I can be effective in it for the problem I am trying solve.

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Decision about Perl

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I use Perl because it's relatively fast, capable and allows freedom of expression. While not easy to learn it's extremely rewarding when mastered, allowing not only creation of most types of applications but also one-liners and quick-fix scripts

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Decision at Perljobs.Ru about Perl

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The whole backend part (deployment and other scripts, business logic, web interface) is written in Perl.

Весь бэкенд (скрипты деплоя и прочие, бизнес-логика, веб-интерфейс) написан на Perl. Perl

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Decision about Perl

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A very expressive language, lets you say the same thing in many different ways Perl

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Decision about Perl

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I use Perl to rip through log files and compare them to some signature files I have created. When I get a match, it adds the bad guy to the list of shame in MySQL. Perl

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