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There鈥檚 no doubt WordPress is a great CMS, which is very user friendly. When we started the company, our blog wasn鈥檛 really our top priority, and it ended up being hosted on a fairly obscure server within our setup, which didn鈥檛 really change much until recently when things become harder to manage and make significant updates.

As our marketing team increased, the amount of traffic that found us through our content marketing increased. We found ourselves struggling to maintain our Wordpress install given the amount of theme updates, plugins and security patches needing to be applied. Our biggest driver to find an alternative solution however was just how slow Wordpress is at serving content to the end user. I know there will be die hard fans out there with ways to set things up that mean WordPress sites can load quickly, but we needed something a lot more streamlined.

We could see in our own Real User Monitoring tool that many users were experiencing page load speeds of over five seconds, even longer in worst case scenarios. Hugo is an open source static site generator that has enabled us to reduce load times by over 500% and make our blog far more maintainable across the whole team.

The Raygun marketing site runs on a .NET CMS called N2 but we plan to swap that out with Hugo as well in future.

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September 14th 2018 at 11:34AM

I've always considered WordPress as the one stop for bloggers. If you just overcome all the bells and whistles WordPress has to offer, you can find solutions such as Hugo static site generator and create a blog or whatever that loads blazing fast. Combined with a robust theme such as after-dark you can have a site that loads faster than you blink !

Russell Brown
Russell Brown
November 17th 2018 at 4:31AM

This is a very helpful confirmation! I have been working with Wordpress for many years, but yes the load-times and updates are just dreadful. I'm working full stack in React, Rails and iOS and love it. Of course I have so much more control, so that's nice too

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