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A fully-managed, globally distributed NoSQL database service
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What is Azure Cosmos DB?

Azure DocumentDB is a fully managed NoSQL database service built for fast and predictable performance, high availability, elastic scaling, global distribution, and ease of development.
Azure Cosmos DB is a tool in the NoSQL Database as a Service category of a tech stack.

Who uses Azure Cosmos DB?

42 companies reportedly use Azure Cosmos DB in their tech stacks, including Microsoft, Mews, and

133 developers on StackShare have stated that they use Azure Cosmos DB.

Azure Cosmos DB Integrations

JavaScript, Node.js, Python, Java, and MongoDB are some of the popular tools that integrate with Azure Cosmos DB. Here's a list of all 20 tools that integrate with Azure Cosmos DB.

Why developers like Azure Cosmos DB?

Here鈥檚 a list of reasons why companies and developers use Azure Cosmos DB
Azure Cosmos DB Reviews

Here are some stack decisions, common use cases and reviews by companies and developers who chose Azure Cosmos DB in their tech stack.

Daniel Kovacs
Daniel Kovacs
Agile Coach, Architect and Team Lead at Self-employed | 1 upvotes 7.4K views
Azure Cosmos DB
Azure Cosmos DB

If you need a document-based database with geo-redundancy (imagine AU-HU distance), this is the way to go. Azure Cosmos DB

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Azure Cosmos DB's Features

  • Fully managed with 99.99% Availability SLA
  • Elastically and highly scalable (both throughput and storage)
  • Predictable low latency: <10ms @ P99 reads and <15ms @ P99 fully-indexed writes
  • Globally distributed with multi-region replication
  • Rich SQL queries over schema-agnostic automatic indexing
  • JavaScript language integrated multi-record ACID transactions with snapshot isolation
  • Well-defined tunable consistency models: Strong, Bounded Staleness, Session, and Eventual

Azure Cosmos DB Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to Azure Cosmos DB?
Azure SQL Database
It is the intelligent, scalable, cloud database service that provides the broadest SQL Server engine compatibility and up to a 212% return on investment. It is a database service that can quickly and efficiently scale to meet demand, is automatically highly available, and supports a variety of third party software.
MongoDB stores data in JSON-like documents that can vary in structure, offering a dynamic, flexible schema. MongoDB was also designed for high availability and scalability, with built-in replication and auto-sharding.
MongoDB Atlas
MongoDB Atlas is a global cloud database service built and run by the team behind MongoDB. Enjoy the flexibility and scalability of a document database, with the ease and automation of a fully managed service on your preferred cloud.
Amazon DynamoDB
With it , you can offload the administrative burden of operating and scaling a highly available distributed database cluster, while paying a low price for only what you use.
Cloud Firestore
Cloud Firestore is a NoSQL document database that lets you easily store, sync, and query data for your mobile and web apps - at global scale.
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