Easily integrate whole categories of providers, e.g. Social Log-Ins, or change a provider with a single line of code.

What is CloudRail?

CloudRail is an API Integration Solution which allows you to integrate SaaS services via a unified API. Moreover it keeps your integrations up-to-date, even if a provider changes their API. Categories are eg Social, Cloud Storage, Payment..

CloudRail is a tool in the API Hub and Management category of a tech stack.

Who Uses CloudRail?

CloudRail integrates with

GitHub, Slack, Google Drive, Amazon S3, and Dropbox are some of the popular tools that integrate with CloudRail. Here's a list of all 14 tools that integrate with CloudRail.

Why people like CloudRail

Here’s a list of reasons why companies and developers use CloudRail.

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CloudRail's Features

  • Only One API
  • Unified API
  • Auto Update
  • No SPOF
  • Easy Provider Change
  • P2P Data
  • API Change Management
  • Cloud Storage
  • Social
  • Payment
  • PoI
  • SMS
  • Email

CloudRail's alternatives

  • Mashape - Open Source API Platform for a Cloud Native World
  • ProgrammableWeb - API directory and community
  • Mashery - Manage your API and discover new APIs
  • 3scale - Operate, Manage and Distribute your APIs
  • APISpark - Create, host & manage web APIs

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