A static markdown CMS built on top of Amazon S3

What is DodgerCMS?

DodgerCMS is a static markdown CMS built on top of Amazon S3. It is a clean and simple alternative to heavy content management systems. There are no databases to manage, deployments to monitor, or massive configuration files. Just focus on writing your content and the results are live immediately.

DodgerCMS is a tool in the Static Site Generators category of a tech stack.

DodgerCMS is an open source tool with 281 Github Stars and 39 Github Forks. Here’s a link to DodgerCMS's open source repository on Github

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Why people like DodgerCMS

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DodgerCMS's Features

  • Full markdown editor
  • Simple toolbar and easy file manipulation
  • Github flavored markdown with syntax highlighting
  • Upload images directly to the cloud
  • Upload and insert images directly into your document
  • Handle changes in url structure automatically
  • Changes made to url's are recorded and stored in a JSON file you can use to build complex navigation
  • Access via your S3 bucket
  • Turn the manger into a static website and access from anywhere
  • Custom layouts
  • The front end design can be altered in any way to suit your specific needs
  • Simple to modify HTML, CSS and JS
  • Live updates
  • Changes to entries take affect immediately
  • No deployments or file uploads necessary

DodgerCMS's alternatives

  • Jekyll - Jekyll is a blog-aware, static site generator in Ruby
  • Gatsby - Gatsby is a free, open source framework for building blazing fast websites and apps with React.
  • Hugo - A Fast and Flexible Static Site Generator built with love by spf13 in GoLang
  • Hexo - A fast, simple & powerful blog framework, powered by Node.js
  • Middleman - A static site generator using all the shortcuts and tools in modern web development

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