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Ebook Glue solves a simple frustration: difficulty in publishing content for electronic reading devices. It started off as a small side project, and has evolved into a growing web application that thousands of people rely on to publish their content online.

Ebook Glue's Features
  • Integrate in Minutes- Ebook Glue is extremely easy to use and get started. You can convert an ebook in your terminal in seconds, and integrate with your web app in minutes.
  • Scale With Ease- Ebook conversions and file creation can involve a lot of I/O-heavy operations that don’t scale well on many cloud server providers. If you offload the computation to Ebook Glue, you can worry less about the scalability of your app.
  • Get Your Content Everywhere- Ebook Glue allows your users to read your content like a book - they can make highlights and take notes as they read, providing a more immersive reading experience.
  • Simple HTTP API- Ebook Glue can integrate with almost any web application because of its simple HTTP API. It doesn’t restrict you to a specific programming language or framework.
  • Delight Readers- Ebook Glue allows you to create ebooks that display beautifully on a wide range of devices. We provide device-specific style filters to adjust the font size, margins, and line spacing to optimize the reading experience on different devices.