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Create your own fully managed and hosted Elasticsearch cluster. You get a dedicated cluster with reserved memory, giving you predictable performance. There are no arbitrary limits on how many indexes or documents you can store. Scale your clusters as and when needed, without any downtime.

Found Elasticsearch's Features
  • Hosted and managed: You get your own fully hosted and managed Elasticsearch cluster. No need to host and maintain your own costly search infrastructure.
  • Reserved Memory and storage: Your clusters get reserved memory and storage. No shared clusters and no arbitrary limits on how many indexes or documents you can store.
  • Scalable and flexible: Start small, grow big. You can scale your cluster as and when needed, without any downtime. There are several Elasticsearch versions to choose from, and upgrading is easier than ever.
  • Developer friendly: Our HTTPS API is developer-friendly and existing Elasticsearch libraries such as Tire, PyES and others works out of the box. We even provide an unmodified Elasticsearch API, so for those who have an existing Elasticsearch integration it is easy to start using Found.
  • Security: Communication to and from our service is securely transmitted over HTTPS (SSL) and your data is stored behind multiple firewalls and proxies. All clusters run in isolated containers (LXC) and customizable ACLs allow for restricting access to trusted people and hosts.
  • Availability: For production and mission critical environments we provide replication and automatic failover, protecting your cluster against unplanned downtime. In addition, data is continuously backed up to Amazon S3. In the event of a datacenter failure, your cluster is automatically failed over to a working datacenter or, in the case of a catastrophic event, rebuilt from backup.
  • Multi region: Found Elasticsearch is available in multiple regions.
  • Found Elasticsearch is also available on Heroku, AppHarbor and CloudControl.