Open source continuous delivery tool allows for advanced workflow modeling and dependencies management.
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GoCD is an open source continuous delivery server created by ThoughtWorks. GoCD offers business a first-class build and deployment engine for complete control and visibility.

Go.CD's Features
  • Model complex workflows with dependency management and parallel execution
  • Easy to pass once-built binaries between stages
  • Visibility into your end-to-end workflow. Track a change from commit to deploy at a glance
  • Manual triggers allow deployment any version at anytime. And it's securable and auditable
  • Run tests written in most languages or frameworks, provides informative testing report
  • Compare both files and commit messages across any two arbitrary builds
  • Eliminate Bottlenecks by providing trivial parallel execution across pipelines, platforms, versions, branches, etc.
  • Easily reuse pipeline configurations via template system.

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