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Graphcool is an open-source backend development framework to develop and deploy production-ready GraphQL microservices. The Graphcool Framework is a comprehensive collection of building blocks covering the entire spectrum of developing modern, data-centric GraphQL APIs.

Graphcool Framework's Features
  • GraphQL database: A GraphQL database that allows you to query, mutate & stream data via the GraphQL CRUD API. It also contains a powerful database migration tool that lets you define and evolve your data model using GraphQL SDL.
  • Powerful permission system: Protects your GraphQL API with a powerful permission system based on rules you define in terms of simple GraphQL permission queries.
  • GraphQL subscription API: With the Graphcool Framework, realtime functionality (based on GraphQL subscriptions) comes for free. Your mutations automatically publish subscription events to the event gateway which forwards updates to all subscribed clients.q

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