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What is Jive Social Intranet?

Jive turns your intranet into a hub of enterprise collaboration and communication. It enables new efficiencies and cohesion across your organization, keeps employees more engaged and informed, and drives innovation and business success.

Jive Social Intranet is a tool in the Enterprise Collaboration category of a tech stack.

Who Uses Jive Social Intranet?

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Why people like Jive Social Intranet

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Jive Social Intranet's Features

  • Connect, communicate, collaborate.- Brainstorm ideas and make quick decisions in Jive discussions. Keep each other informed with blogs, real-time status updates and smart activity streams. Share rich content. Create and complete documents together. Find answers fast. Stay connected, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.
  • Ubiquitous access.- Connect and participate from your favorite smartphone or tablet with Jive Mobile. Converse with colleagues and view relevant content while visiting any website with Jive Anywhere. Get social context while using your CRM, content management system, Microsoft applications and other traditional software.
  • Activity streams.- See updates across all the people, places, projects and content in your organization, at a glance. Jive’s activity streams give you a personalized view of the actions you can’t afford to miss. Intelligent filtering screens out everything but the most critical updates, so there’s no information overload.
  • Document collaboration.- Get feedback, revise and finalize in one central place. Jive tracks the versions and keeps every participant up to date.
  • Smart recommendations.- Jive leverages rich social intelligence (like business relationships, expertise and areas of interest) to bring you content you need to see.
  • Social search.- Jive Find goes beyond search strings and keywords, applying social graph analytics and contextual insight to zero in on what you’re really looking for. Find people, groups, discussions, blogs, videos, images, documents, comments. Search across your customer network and SharePoint, too.
  • Expertise on demand.- It’s like a corporate directory, only better. Jive’s rich profiles and search capabilities make it easy to get to know your coworkers and locate the experts in your organization.
  • Collaborate with anyone.- With Jive’s External Groups feature, you can collaborate not only with internal staff, but with external contributors, too.
  • Jive for Microsoft.- Jive for Microsoft brings the speed, power and connectedness of Social Business to SharePoint, Office and Outlook. Share, collaborate and participate in your Jive community – all from your familiar Microsoft apps.
  • !App Experiences.- Choose from easy-to-install, pre-built applications that extend Jive capabilities and make work easier. Revolutionary Jive !Apps merge seamlessly into your workflow, customizing documents and discussions and delivering powerful functionality exactly where you need it.
  • Guided tours and tutorials.- Go from newbie to expert in record time. We’ve made it easy for team members to get started with engaging tutorials and introductory tours.

Jive Social Intranet's alternatives

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  • eXo Platform - Open Source Enterprise Social Collaboration Platform

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