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I've been in the #frontend game for about 7 years now. I started coding in Sublime Text because all of the tutorials I was doing back then everyone was using it. I found the speed amazing compared to some other tools at the time. I kept using Sublime Text for about 4-5 years.

I find Sublime Text lacks some functionality, after all it is just a text editor rather than a full fledged IDE. I finally converted over to PhpStorm as I was working with Magento and Magento as you know is mainly #PHP based.

This was amazing all the features in PhpStorm I loved, the debugging features, and the control click feature when you click on a dependency or linked file it will take you to that file. It was great.

PhpStorm is kind of slow, I found that Prettier was taking a long time to format my code, and it just was lagging a lot so I was looking for alternatives. After watching some more tutorial videos I noticed that everyone was using Visual Studio Code. So I gave it a go, and its amazing.

It has support for everything I need with the plugins and the integration with Git is amazing. The speed of this IDE is blazing fast, and I wouldn't go back to using PhpStorm anymore. I highly recommend giving Visual Studio Code a try!

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Ganesa Vijayakumar
Ganesa Vijayakumar
August 22nd 2019 at 6:44AM

Yes, you are correct!. thanks for sharing your experiences.

#Sublime Text is a generic text editor and it has more limitations when you consider it for any specific language or framework development like PHP.

#PhpStrom - I haven't tried it before but its name itself says that it is specifically built one for PHP development so it should satisfy you if you consider it for PHP development.

#Visual Studio Code - Yes, Now it's ranked as the Number ONE 1 tool for the generic purpose like a text editor or any specific Language or Framework developments and Yes, It enhanced lot in the recent times.

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