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When you think about test automation, it’s crucial to make it everyone’s responsibility (not just QA Engineers'). We started with Selenium and Java, but with our platform revolving around Ruby, Elixir and JavaScript, QA Engineers were left alone to automate tests. Cypress was the answer, as we could switch to JS and simply involve more people from day one. There's a downside too, as it meant testing on Chrome only, but that was "good enough" for us + if really needed we can always cover some specific cases in a different way.

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Anand Muley
Anand Muley
January 23rd 2020 at 5:23AM

Tech Stacks are going to evolve and be replaced. We will have to keep up with it. Never heard a Developer asking for such a responsibility shift to QA to fix a bug. I have spent some time in an Organization and a Project where test automation responsibility was bestowed upon Developers. It turned out that we did not need any automation QA skilled person we ended up replacing them with Manual QA skilled person. Lets not push our responsibilities to others. There is a reason for keeping a Developer and QA team separate. So that the quality checks are not compromised.

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