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I was wondering about the pros and cons of ClickUp and We have a multi-level department that needs to communicate in their respective teams and with the rest of the department.

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Hi, Marcia. After comparing and ClickUp (and dozens of others), I ended up choosing for several reasons.

  1. Much smoother user experience. The interface is cleaner and highly intuitive.
  2. Better support. Before and after I started a paid account for, they were more responsive than any other company. I've submitted bug reports, been invited to a call with to discuss accessibility, and received direct email. They're very responsive.
  3. Flexibility without complication. I felt effective in I could set up interactive boards for tasks related to HR, R&D, accounting, team-wide information sharing, user testing, etc., all with little more than clicking and dragging and a bit of typing.
  4. Numerous integrations. Integrating Zoom, Google Calendar, and other services is (largely) straightforward, and offers a huge number of integrations.
  5. Most similar to past practice. In the past I used Excel to create project overviews, timelines, status updates, etc., because Excel was easier to use and more flexible than project management apps. But that took time and was hard to maintain. allowed me to do all the same things, but more quickly and more easily, and the result is easier to maintain.
  6. Bearable price. is a little pricier than some other packages, but the functionality and the support have made it worth it for me.

Whether in a role as a manager or in a role as a developer/engineer, I appreciate being able to create interactive boards without having to program. I'm intrigued by the possibility of using's API, but haven't found the need for it yet.

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ClickUp was our choice after extensive testing both ourselves and for our reinvention customers. The structure is more intuitive and inviting people to collaborate is a breeze.

We used Monday for three months in parallel before deciding for ClickUp. Still feels like a great choice.

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